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Cartoon strips & Comics

David has worked with Marvel Comics, Titan Books, Vortex, Eclipse, Escape, Spiderbaby and Mad Love, also with Macdonald Futura, HarperCollins, Oxfam and Greenpeace.

Recently he has started writing comic strips for magazines.

Managing Hell cartoon - global warming in hellCartoon strips

  • Managing Hell
  • Public Servants
  • ArtMan, with artist Martin Kennedy, in Psst! magazine. David is currently reviving this with artist Paul Handley.


    Captain Britain, Marvel Superheroes cover, written by David Thorpe, drawn by Alan Davis
  • Captain Britain - for Marvel Comics, drawn by Alan Davis
  • Doc Chaos for various publishers
  • After Life, created with Aidan Potts, for Spiderbaby Graffix - Taboo Magazine
  • Salvation's Gate, with Duncan Fegredo, for Blaam!
  • How the World Works, for Oxfam/Toucan Books, with Aidan Potts: a six chapter highly illustrated book teaching 10 - 15 year olds about development issues
  • Repo Blues, with Duncan Fegredo, for AARRGH! magazine
  • Mutant Love, an early experiment with what was later to be the hybrids idea. Published in an obscure British comic anthology. Art by Phil Elliot.
  • Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union Trading cards, for Eclipse Enterprises - 36 cards with a painting on one side and 300 words on the other. Art by Greg Copeland.
  • David conceived, commissioned and edited a series of titles matching best selling literary authors with the best artists, exemplified by Doris Lessing's Playing the Game. Artwork © HarperCollins 1999.

Captain Britain:
David Thorpe's work is in this Captain Britain omnibus

David Thorpe's work is in this Captain Britain collection

Repossession Blues:
repo blues

Doris Lessing's Playing the Game:
Playing the Game

Soviet Union Trading Cards:
Soviet Union Trading Cards Box

Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev card.