A history of greenspace and parks A history of greenspace and parks
by David Thorpe,
illustrations by Hunt Emerson

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The Letchworth Garden City Greenway

Letchworth Garden City GreenwayThe Garden City Greenway is a 1million investment by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and a permanent commemoration of Letchworth Garden City's first Centenary in 2003. It embodies what the Garden City is all about - a place 'where town and country meet'.

At the heart of the Greenway is an 20.4km (12.7 mile) route around the Garden City for walkers and in parts wheelchair users, cyclists and horses. Along the way, there will be several things to do and places to visit. Each will be an attraction in its own right, providing information on wildlife, flora and fauna, and an excellent starting place to join the circular walk. The walk will be formally opened on 3rd May 2003.

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